What Does MM2H Program Offers

What does the MM2H program offer to foreigners migrating to Malaysia?

What Does MM2H Program Offers

If you cannot decide if Malaysia is the right place for you and your family, let’s us tell you more about the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program, let’s take a look at why so many people are currently choosing to migrate to Malaysia!What does MM2H program offers
What does MM2H program offer? Why are more and more people choosing to migrate to Malaysia?

Let’s count the reasons:

  • The Malaysian economy is growing rapidly with GDP growth has been an average of 4.5% since 2010
  • Malaysia is part of Asia- a place of continuous growth!
  • Malaysia is ranked  top 22 best countries in the world in “Ease of Doing Business” by World BankWhy Join MM2H
  • Malaysia offers an affordable cost of living
  • Malaysia is free from major disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods, that have devastated other parts of the world
  • English is widely used in Malaysia
  • Malaysia offers a well-developed infrastructure of airports, superhighways, and seaports
  • Malaysia is an education hub offering a variety of international schools and world-class universities
  • Malaysia offers a world-class health care system with the public as well as private hospitals
  • Malaysia is a politically stable country
  • Malaysians are known as friendly and hospitable people.
  • One can also enjoy low density living with a population of only 31 million
  • Plus, it is now easier and faster than ever before to migrate to Malaysia thanks to the country’s wildly successful Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program – one of the best migration programs to retire!

So What Is Exactly Malaysia My Second Home Program?

MM2H is one of the cheapest migration programs and it is 100% risk-free! The MM2H program introduced by the Malaysian government and invites all nationalities regardless of age, gender and race to stay in Malaysia for an indefinite period with a renewable 10-years multiple entry visa as long as they do not contravene or violate the Malaysian law.

The MM2H program offers:

  • Fast approval, often within 90 days!
  • 100% risk-free – all money is invested in your personal name in Fixed Deposits, upon which interest can be earned!
  • 30% to 50% of the Fixed Deposit can be withdrawn after one year!
  • Low requirements for entry and unlimited stay in Malaysia!
  • Applicable to multiple family members!
  • 10 years multiple entry visa renewable for an indefinite period!
  • No minimum stay requirement during the program!
  • Can purchase the unlimited number of properties!
  • Can own 100% of your businesses in Malaysia!
  • Those aged over 50 can be employed using this visa!
  • Can bring along your maid from your country!
  • All personal items including your pets can be brought into Malaysia tax-free!
  • All funds remitted to Malaysia are non-taxable!
  • Eligible for property and car loans from Malaysian bankers!
  • With MM2H visa conveniently you can apply for a travel visa to other countries from local consulates in Malaysia, without a need to go back to your home country!
  • Terminating MM2H program is straightforward and can be done within 5 working days! All your fixed deposits will be returned to you!


Criteria to Join MM2H

Step 1: Find out which category likely you fall into
Step 2: Are you able to fulfill the criteria
Step 3: Consult us to ensure the right category and meeting the criteria

MM2H Categories to Apply

How to Get Started

Step 1: Sign up the Client Service Agreement
Step 2: Make 1st Agency payment

MM2H Service Agreement


Documents to Join MM2H

Step 1: Check thru the document list to apply with you
Step 2: We guide you in every piece of documents preparation
Step 3: We check certification and translation in order
Step 4: Courier the documents to us in Malaysia

Documents Required to Apply

Feel free to contact us at +603-2161 5096 or email us at contact@migratemalaysia.com, to find if you are eligible to join the MM2H program. Migration is once a lifetime affair, by contacting us, you have a the right step for the first time!

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